Thursday, March 1, 2018

February Quirkies

I have 12 different Quirkies to share that I worked on in February.
In January I had done 2 Quirkies using pictures of my daughters when they were younger. I decided to use more family pictures. One of me and my husband when we were children and one of my 8 month old grandson.

The face of this one is from some art work I did years ago. I scanned the art work. Then in Photoshop Elements I resized it into what I wanted.

The faces of the next 2 are from some simple collages that are much bigger that I put in last year's planner.

On one of the collages of my daughter I had used a picture of a piece of watercolor art work she had done in junior high school. This is the head from that same piece of art work.

I thought this bird was quirky enough, so I just put a funny caption.

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Monday, February 26, 2018

Flip Thru of my First Glue Book

A few months ago I started my first glue book. Here is the link to the video on it.

And here is the video flip thru with a lot more in it.

Thanks for looking!

Friday, February 16, 2018

January Quirkies

I am not one who works on one spread from start to finish. In my Dylusion Quirkies Journal I have done several backgrounds. I am not even going from front to back. I find it easier to jump around doing the backgrounds. When I am working on the quirky characters I find it easier to work on a few at a time. So when it comes time to glue down my work I am not going from front to back page by page. I am jumping around choosing which background would go well with that character. To help keep track of when I did do it I make sure I put the month and year on the page. Here are the 6 quirkies I did in January.

The last 2 characters I used pictures of my girls when they were a lot younger. The last character's body is a picture of a piece of watercolor art work that my daughter did back in Junior High School.

Thanks for looking!

Crafty Hodges Quirky Characters Tutorials

One of the people I follow on You Tube is Crafty Hodges. Love her work and the sound of her voice. In the fall of 2017 she did a series of tutorials showing how she did her collages. Thru out the years I have admired Teesha Moore's and Dyan Revely's collage work. I learned a lot on how to do quirky collages watching Crafty Hodges tutorials. In purchasing the exact digital collages sheets and following along her videos I feel more confident in making my own Quirkies. Here are the 4 I did following her videos.

They look very similar to hers except for the backgrounds. Instead of using the digital backgrounds I am making my own with Dylusion sprays or paint. I am also putting mine in a smaller sized Dylusion Journal.

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Tags Week 1

I decided to follow the prompts for the 2017 ICAD challenge but using tags because I have so many of them. Here are my tags for June 1 -7.

And this is how I am displaying them. Hanging from the lamp beside my art desk on a ring.

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Friday, June 2, 2017

My First Glue Book

My first glue book. Inspired by Shannon Green.
My first video that I speak in. Can you tell that I'm nervous?

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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Painted page in my Planner

Here is a painted page that I did in my planner. Went by this video by Shannon Green and this one.

These are the brushes I already had. (Yes Marie some of these use to be yours).

Did go shopping to try and find more to use. Left pack is from Michael's, middle from Hobby Lobby and right is from JoAnn's. I plan to get more of the one from JoAnn's.

Here are the colors I used first.

And came up with this mess!

In the video Shannon finishes up with a yellow happy color. I had first planned to use the Basics primary yellow but went with a happier color, Dairylide Yellow.

And came up with this.

Here it is after the first stencil using white paint.

And then after the second stencil with black paint. In the past I have always used makeup sponges to apply paint using stencils. Love Love using these stipple brushes so much more. It goes so much faster!

And then after the doodling.

Thanks for looking!