Thursday, June 8, 2017

Tags Week 1

I decided to follow the prompts for the 2017 ICAD challenge but using tags because I have so many of them. Here are my tags for June 1 -7.

And this is how I am displaying them. Hanging from the lamp beside my art desk on a ring.

Thanks for looking!

Friday, June 2, 2017

My First Glue Book

My first glue book. Inspired by Shannon Green.
My first video that I speak in. Can you tell that I'm nervous?

Thanks for watching!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Painted page in my Planner

Here is a painted page that I did in my planner. Went by this video by Shannon Green and this one.

These are the brushes I already had. (Yes Marie some of these use to be yours).

Did go shopping to try and find more to use. Left pack is from Michael's, middle from Hobby Lobby and right is from JoAnn's. I plan to get more of the one from JoAnn's.

Here are the colors I used first.

And came up with this mess!

In the video Shannon finishes up with a yellow happy color. I had first planned to use the Basics primary yellow but went with a happier color, Dairylide Yellow.

And came up with this.

Here it is after the first stencil using white paint.

And then after the second stencil with black paint. In the past I have always used makeup sponges to apply paint using stencils. Love Love using these stipple brushes so much more. It goes so much faster!

And then after the doodling.

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Journal for No Reason Flip Thru.

Here is a short video of my first Journal for No Reason put together. It isn't completely done. On the pages that don't have much color on them I will collage some deli paper wipe offs. Also will reinforce the spine more and do something with the cover.

I love this journal. Mainly because of the years I have been using the papers as wipe off papers. So many memories. But in all honesty I would not intentionally set out to make such busyness.

Thanks for looking!

Putting the Journal for no reason together.

Time to put the Journal together. First I laid out all the pages in order that I wanted them in. Decided it would have 5 signatures with 4 or 5 folios in them.

Next I sewed the smaller pieces to the larger pages.

For the cover I decided to use brown craft paper.

I stacked each signature like I wanted then sewed them on to the craft paper cover.

After sewing all 5 signatures in, I was concerned that the spine wasn't strong enough. So I glued some reinforcements to the spine. I will probably do more to reinforce it.

See the next post for a flip thru of the journal.

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Journals for no Reason

I came across this u-tube video Journals for no Reason. I am so inspired and excited. I have so many book papers, music sheets and deli papers that I have wiped off extra paint onto. Looking forward to making my own Journals for no Reason.

For my 1st Journal for no reason I've decided to use the papers that I had been using for years underneath my projects and/or in between pages of my journals to protect other pages. Here is a short video of them.

I also decided to use the paper from my spray booth.

Went ahead a put a new paper in the spray booth.

Here is a video showing the papers after I cut them to size.

Found a few more things to add.

On some of the pages I added more paint.

Now to decide how to put this together. Will post a video showing the final product when I am finished. Thanks for looking!

Saturday, February 18, 2017