Sunday, April 1, 2018

March Quirkies

I've got 11 Quirkies to show you that I did in March. The first 4 are from the collage sheets that Crafty Hodges generously shared. 

 The background I made with Dylusion Sprays. The border is from a wipe off paper that I cut up.

This one is also on a Dylusion Spray background. Washi tape for the border.

This background I again used Dylusion Sprays. The texture is from a plastic needlepoint canvas.

This background started out as something I did not like so I painted pink paint over it. The border I used a Dylusion rubber stamp and colored in.
The next 3 character's faces/heads are from art works that I have previously done. 

I have started using matte medium to glue my collages down. You have to be careful doing that on a background with the Dylusions Sprays. The sprays aren't permanent so the medium picks up some of the color and might get on the collage. There was a bit of green on her face so I used color pencils and micron pens over it. There is still a green tinge to it, but I'm ok with it.
On the original piece of art work for this head I painted the face on a paper napkin using the flower for the hair. The arms are from Mischief Circus and the torso is from a magazine.

Dylusions spray background. The torso is from a magazine. I think the arms and feet are also. The house is from Mischief Circus.

Dylusion spray background. Images are from a magizine.

I didn't care for this background either, it was to dark. I painted white paint over it to lighten it up. The borders and image are from Mischief Circus.

 Can't remember what I did for this background. The torso is from wipe off papers that I cut up. The border and hands are from Mischief Circus.

The background on this one is a paper napkin. The image and quote are from Mischief Circus.

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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Quirkies Journal Flip Thru: Video 1 February

February Quirkies

I have 12 different Quirkies to share that I worked on in February.
In January I had done 2 Quirkies using pictures of my daughters when they were younger. I decided to use more family pictures. One of me and my husband when we were children and one of my 8 month old grandson.

The face of this one is from some art work I did years ago. I scanned the art work. Then in Photoshop Elements I resized it into what I wanted.

The faces of the next 2 are from some simple collages that are much bigger that I put in last year's planner.

On this collage I  used a picture of a piece of watercolor art work that my daughter did in junior high school. 

I thought this bird was quirky enough, so I just put a funny caption.

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Monday, February 26, 2018

First Glue Book Flip Thru: Video 2

A few months ago I started my first glue book. Here is the link to the video on it.

And here is the video flip thru with a lot more in it.

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Friday, February 16, 2018

January Quirkies

I am not one who works on one spread from start to finish. In my Dylusion Quirkies Journal I have done several backgrounds. I am not even going from front to back. I find it easier to jump around doing the backgrounds. When I am working on the quirky characters I find it easier to work on a few at a time. So when it comes time to glue down my work I am not going from front to back page by page. I am jumping around choosing which background would go well with that character. To help keep track of when I did do it I make sure I put the month and year on the page. Here are the 6 quirkies I did in January.

The last 2 characters I used pictures of my girls when they were a lot younger. The last character's body is a picture of a piece of watercolor art work that my daughter did back in Junior High School.

Thanks for looking!