Saturday, December 29, 2012

Art, Heart and Healing Lesson 2 part 1.

While I am still waiting excitedly for Life Book 2013 to begin in a couple of days I am continuing with Tamara's Art, Heart and Healing lessons. In Lesson 2 part 1 she shows you how to do a photo transfer. When I first started art journaling a couple of years ago, I tried this technique with horrible results. Didn't understand why people liked it. Really thought the technique just didn't work. I don't remember what products I used back then but following Tamara's instruction and I just happen to have the same gel medium that she used I had great results! Here is the beginning of the layout with just the transfers in my moleskin journal.

and here is how I finished it.

I now know why people love this technique and I will use it again and again. Thanks Tamara for the Lesson!

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Getting Ready for Life Book 2013 - My Paper Choice

Tamara and all the other teachers for the Life Book lessons have you do your work on a 9 x 12 piece of paper. She recommends these to be loose and not in a bound journal. Here is a link to her video on how she bound her 2012 Life Book. I prefer my pages to be loose when I work on them, I've even taken apart my spiral bound journals to work on the pages, it's just a lot easier. I've decided for my paper I am going to use Fabriano Artistico Hot Press 140 lb Watercolor Paper. I am going to get the 22 x 30 sheets. I mainly am getting these large sheets because it is a whole lot cheaper than buying the blocks or pads. I started figuring out how many 9 x 12 pieces of paper I could get out of a 22 x 30 I realized I could get 5. I also realized I could make them 10 x 12 and still get 5.

10 x 12 is probably the size Tamara ends up with after she adds on the decorated paper to the backs of her art work adding an extra inch. This extra inch is for putting the holes in so you can use rings to bind your journal. Since I am already starting out with that extra inch I have the option of not using other papers but to paint the back and that extra inch on the front.

Also by using these big sheets I will not have to add (by gluing or taping) paper extensions if I decided on a double page layout. When I am cutting down the big 22 x 30 sheets for a horizontal double page layout I would cut a 19 x 12 size and fold it in 9 inches from the right. For a vertical double page cut a 10 x 24 piece and fold in half. Open it back up and cut away the first inch on the left side of the only the top half.

Thanks for looking!

Art, Heart and Healing Journal Page

I am so pleased with this journal page. For years and years I have wished I could draw and shade faces. I have watched numerous of videos free and paid lessons in learning all sorts of mixed media techniques. A couple of months ago I signed up for some of Jane Davenport's online classes. I feel in watching these videos and following her tips I have made great strides in my capabilities. I am excited what might be next in my creative art explorations.

I did this page following week one of Tamara Laporte free video lessons Art, Heart & Healing

Tamara is another great teacher. I have signed up to take her Life Book 2013 series that starts January 1st. It is going to be another exciting course.

Life Book 2013