Friday, November 30, 2012

Some art work to share.

I am taking a second online class of Jane Davenport's. I have thoroughly enjoyed both of them and hope to eventually take her other ones also. Here are the latest ones I've done.

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Supplies catalog

Loved this video on how someone kept their supplies catalog. Inspired me to start working on mine again.

I've always kept lists of the different supplies I have to keep me from buying duplicates. After taking a watercolor class I started making tabs of the different paints. The tabs I use to keep in a small box. After seeing this video I have started to put them in a notebook. My supplies notebook has 2 sections.

The second section is the lists of colors of a particular supply I have.

The first section I am adding the tabs by color. The right page is water colors and the left is paints.

I am still working on markers and colored pencils. I'm going to have to get a thicker notebook. It's a lot of work but I enjoy the benefits of it.

Thanks for looking!

Finally took apart my art Journal

For the longest time I kept thinking about taking apart my Strathmore Visual Journals for various reasons. I thought it would just be to hard and mess up the Journal. After seeing a video (wish I could find it again) of someone taking apart her Canon Journal I decided to go for it. I am really glad I did. The pages are so much easier to work on. When I am doing a double page layout the wire binding is not in the way. When I make mandalas I like to use different kinds of papers depending on the art media I use. When I put the mandala journal back, I'll be able to put the different papers together. 

Below is a picture of the covers I've done for one of the journals. I followed this video in doing the different layers of colors.

When you do take apart the journal the back cover comes off first then the front cover. That's handy if all you want is to do the covers.

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Seed of Life

A couple of weeks ago I did these two mandalas.I used my guides to create the sections for the circles.

This one I used my brand new Twinkling H2O's

This one I was inspired from  here. I used colored pencils on 140 lb watercolor paper.

A couple of days ago I came across a great website: Guada's Circle she offers a free class on creating a mandala. This method of creating a Seed of Life mandala is a lot easier than using the guides that I came up with. Seeing how she colors hers is very inspiring.

Here are a couple of links that I found on You Tube that also use this method.

Thanks for reading!