Monday, January 30, 2017


I came across a website for having Painting Parties in your own home. There are several places around town that host painting parties, but I think it is kind of pricey. I also want to paint in my art journal instead of canvases. My sister Marie and I are always getting together to do art projects. We think it would be fun to get together with a few others doing artsy stuff. This past weekend Marie and I got together and painted 2 of the designs.

Marie is working in her 11x14 Canson mixed media journal.

I'm working in my homemade midori style journal. It has hot pressed water color paper in it.

Here is the 2 that Marie did.

And here are mine. I still have some detail work to do on the wine one.

We used Liquitex Basic Acrylics. It was way to thick for this style of painting. Next painting of this type I plan to use a craft type paint that is much more fluid.

Thanks for looking!

Friday, January 13, 2017


On pinterest I have been seeing a lot of Mandalas done by Lisa Chang. Love her work. This is inspired by her.

To get the shape I folded a piece of paper in half and kept cutting until I got the size and shape I wanted. Then I traced it onto my paper.

Before I drew the paradox tangle I drew it going different going different directions to see what way I wanted it.

Then I added water colors to it.

Thanks for looking!


My sister Marie and I have a tendency to start working on something that the other one is doing. Back in December she started working on Mandalas again so I had to too.

This one I did in December after seeing it on Pinterest.

I had starter this one quite some time ago, like a year or more.

Finally I finished it this month.

And another one.

Thanks for looking!