Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Art, Heart and Healing Journal Page

I am so pleased with this journal page. For years and years I have wished I could draw and shade faces. I have watched numerous of videos free and paid lessons in learning all sorts of mixed media techniques. A couple of months ago I signed up for some of Jane Davenport's online classes. I feel in watching these videos and following her tips I have made great strides in my capabilities. I am excited what might be next in my creative art explorations.

I did this page following week one of Tamara Laporte free video lessons Art, Heart & Healing

Tamara is another great teacher. I have signed up to take her Life Book 2013 series that starts January 1st. It is going to be another exciting course.

Life Book 2013

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marie said...

Good for you. I love seeing the progress. The fact that you challenged yourself. And are acheaving your goal is very cool. Love you, Marie