Saturday, December 29, 2012

Art, Heart and Healing Lesson 2 part 1.

While I am still waiting excitedly for Life Book 2013 to begin in a couple of days I am continuing with Tamara's Art, Heart and Healing lessons. In Lesson 2 part 1 she shows you how to do a photo transfer. When I first started art journaling a couple of years ago, I tried this technique with horrible results. Didn't understand why people liked it. Really thought the technique just didn't work. I don't remember what products I used back then but following Tamara's instruction and I just happen to have the same gel medium that she used I had great results! Here is the beginning of the layout with just the transfers in my moleskin journal.

and here is how I finished it.

I now know why people love this technique and I will use it again and again. Thanks Tamara for the Lesson!

Thanks for looking!

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