Thursday, December 22, 2016

My Year 2017

I joined a new Journaling Facebook group called My Year 2017. Members are showing what type of journal they will be using for the year. Thought I might share the last 3 planners/journals I used and what I thought about each of them.

I've been playing in Art Journals for quite a few years. In the middle of 2014 I started doing a
planner/journal with art. My first choice was a 8 1/2 x 5 inch Moleskin with gridded paper.

Loved that this size could fit in my purse. I love working on a grid. In the beginning I thought I would use this book for 2015 also. The draw backs: The paper is thin so you do see what is on the other side some. When I wanted to add some emphmera from an event I went to, the page wasn't big enough.

My choice for 2015 was a Cachet Sketchbook with Graph paper. 9 x 12.

Again loved working on gridded paper. The paper is thicker than the moleskin. More room for art and memorabilia. Draw backs: Because the sheets are heavier with the art work, they are tearing away from the wire.

My choice for 2016 was the Dylusions Journal. 8 x11 1/2.

Love the paper. Love the pages aren't tearing out. Minor draw back: My art/craft room is downstairs. A lot of times it would be down there but it is more convenient to have my calendar on the main level of my house.

My choice for 2017 is to have the pages separate. Bought heavy cardstock at Staples 8 1/2 x 11. I've punched holes in them and keeping them in a 3 ring binder. The binder isn't very exciting to look at. Hopefully I'll come up with something different to keep the papers in.

So far I have printed out the months. With the pages being individual I was able to print directly on the pages. Instead of printing out the month then gluing it in the book. I don't do art work or embellish my pages ahead of time  except for the date and a strip of something dividing off the to do list. It will be nice to have the majority of my planner/calender/journal on the main level of the house and only a few pages that I am doing art on downstairs.

Thanks for looking!

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