Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Journals for no Reason

I came across this u-tube video Journals for no Reason. I am so inspired and excited. I have so many book papers, music sheets and deli papers that I have wiped off extra paint onto. Looking forward to making my own Journals for no Reason.

For my 1st Journal for no reason I've decided to use the papers that I had been using for years underneath my projects and/or in between pages of my journals to protect other pages. Here is a short video of them.

I also decided to use the paper from my spray booth.

Went ahead a put a new paper in the spray booth.

Here is a video showing the papers after I cut them to size.

Found a few more things to add.

On some of the pages I added more paint.

Now to decide how to put this together. Will post a video showing the final product when I am finished. Thanks for looking!

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