Saturday, May 13, 2017

Painted page in my Planner

Here is a painted page that I did in my planner. Went by this video by Shannon Green and this one.

These are the brushes I already had. (Yes Marie some of these use to be yours).

Did go shopping to try and find more to use. Left pack is from Michael's, middle from Hobby Lobby and right is from JoAnn's. I plan to get more of the one from JoAnn's.

Here are the colors I used first.

And came up with this mess!

In the video Shannon finishes up with a yellow happy color. I had first planned to use the Basics primary yellow but went with a happier color, Dairylide Yellow.

And came up with this.

Here it is after the first stencil using white paint.

And then after the second stencil with black paint. In the past I have always used makeup sponges to apply paint using stencils. Love Love using these stipple brushes so much more. It goes so much faster!

And then after the doodling.

Thanks for looking!

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