Thursday, February 18, 2016

Mixed Media Club Project

I'm in a mixed media club that tries to meet every 3rd Thursday. It's a lot of fun getting together and playing. At the beginning of the year we decided to do the lessons from Life Book 2016 together when we meet. Today's project was inspired from Week 4 by Annie Hamman and from a round robin sketch project that I did with my sister and our daughters. You can read about that Here and Here. When we got together today there were 4 of us. On 140 lb watercolor paper we each did a basic sketch of a face and the 1st layer of paint for the faces. Then we started the round robin part. The rule was that you could do anything to the other paintings. We set the timer for 5 minutes and went at it. When time was up everyone stopped. We did take a couple of minutes to dry what we did with heat guns. Then we switched to someone else's painting. Set the timer for 5 minutes at went at it again. After switching several times we each went to our original project to finish it. It was interesting watching how different we all worked. The big thing that I got out of it was to loosen up in what I did. Here are some pictures of all 4 paintings in a few of the stages.

Here's Mine

Something that I like to do after painting is to add some shading and details with colored pencils.
We used Liquitex paints and the colored pencils do not work well over it, So over my whole painting I put a thin layer of clear gesso. Then used the colored pencils.

Here's Sara's

Here's Maggie's

And Here's Marie's

Thanks for looking!

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